Ship's Log

Zeitgeist Ambassador

VOYAGE NUMBER: 1                          PURPOSE: Haulout for boat graphics work
DATE:                                 8/6/2014             CONTINUED ENTRY: NO
DEPARTURE PLACE: Regatta Point Marina, Palmetto FL
STOPOVER PLACE: Marine Max, Sarasota FL (overnite)
ARRIVAL PLACE:         Yacht Center, Sarasota FL
PASSENGERS/CREW:          None
WEATHER:                             Hot, Sunny

This was the initial ship's voyage for haul out and graphics work.  The planned route was to be an easy motor up the Manatee River, rounding out over the north end of Anna Maria Island into the Gulf of Mexico, running the shore line south, and coming back in thru New Pass at the southern end of Longboat Key. Trip went was uneventful but  long, due to a) no wind and b) discovery upon arrival at New Pass that it was too shallow at low tide, thus had to double back and come in thru Longboat Pass (north end of Longboat Key), then back south once more down the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) to Marine Max in Sarasota Bay for the evening's stopover. 

Finished the trip the next morning with the short hop across Sarasota Bay over to Yacht Cente for the haulout, with no issues.

VOYAGE NUMBER: 2 PURPOSE: Triumphant return after boat graphics work
DATE:                                 8/8/2014             CONTINUED ENTRY: NO
DEPARTURE PLACE: Yacht Center, Sarasota FL
ARRIVAL PLACE:         Regatta Point Marina, Palmetto FL
PASSENGERS:                      None
WEATHER:                             Hot, Sunny

This was the return passage after the haulout and graphics work in Sarasota, back up the ICW, then back down the Manatee River and home to the mooring at RPM. The trip with the new graphics job was elating, with Bob Marley cranking on the stereo most of the way, and lots of curious onlookers from the passing boats, but otherwise uneventful with little wind (motored most of the way).